Private Medical Insurance

None of us know when we are going to be afflicted by ill-health. Whilst the care available through the health service is generally good, it is not always available at the time or in the place that best suits us. Private Medical Insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

✓competitive premiums

✓ individual or family cover

✓ wide choice of plans

✓ variable excesses to reduce cost

✓ choice of hospitals

✓ dental and pregnancy options

✓ cover whilst away from home

✓ premium payment options 

✓ straightforward claim process

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Capurro Insurance have been our brokers for the past 10 years. Their service is tailored to our needs, and has proven capable of adjusting to the needs of a changing market. Their advice has allowed our firm to navigate safely through projects of varying scale and complexity and we highly recommend them as professional, competitive and responsive.
— P. G.